If I´m using a 35 mm camera, the odds are good it´s a Voigtlaender. I love the quality of construction, the better than fabulous lenses, and their small size and quiet operations. If you like wideangel lenses this is the first choise for a good price. "Only for Professionals". They just developed new ones.



The most important thing for a tripod is to be stable. The second one is to function under all conditions. Third light weight, because you have to carry it. Tripods are made of aluminum, wood or carbon. They all function, its a question of comfort, price and weight. I prefere Gitzo Tripods, because they are a good combination of all. They will work for a photographers lifetime. For heads I use "threewayshead". Its easy to move for architecture and landscapes. For someone else it probably would be nice to have a ball head, its faster, but not as exact as the other. So it depends on, what you want to do.



For Lights you have to choose between flash and halogen and tungsten lights. For fashion, people flash would be nice, for others halogen and tungsten would be first choice. "What you see is what you get". You can directly see the results, its not neccessary to make couple of polaroids. Even you make a shooting in huge rooms, you can put some adds on and fill it up. Full controlling about the results. Hedler just shows their new series at photokina cologne. They have a range of all products for all you need on location. Lightweight, not bulkpack and good support.


Grupello Publishing

located in Düsseldorf/Germany, specializes in poetry and nonfiction publications. Founded in 1990, Grupello first concentrated on publications with a regional concern, but increasingly became known for poetry and translations of russian literature. Their speciality are finely made books in special editions, designed by visual artists and containing original graphic arts.


Fine Art Printing

For good results in printing, you have to go into your own darkroom and work out your prints. The other way is to go to a Fine Art Printer, who makes really good prints. In my opinion, one of the best in Germany - printing Black and White - is Renate Schwerra, working for comercial photographers, artists and museums.


Colorvision :



Dental :

Implantate Dr. Rainer Bocklage